The Lemon Tree


Welcome to The Lemon Tree!

Hi. I'm Annie. (And that's Charlie.) I started The Lemon Tree in January 2017. Antiques, handmade things, and other stuff that turn a house into a unique and comfy home have always been a passion of mine. After decades as a manager in the childhood education sector, I hit mid-life and decided to put my art degree to work doing what I really love. Voila, The Lemon Tree was born. And it is very much a family affair. I couldn't do it all without the support of my awesome husband, my two creative daughters, my stepmom, and my sister. All of them either make things for or work at The Lemon Tree—not to mention give me lots of support emotionally and physically. 

Our little store, located in South Lyon, Michigan, is the epitome of small-town, heartland, Midwestern American. I love our town—and state and country!—so I work hard to find and feature products from local artists, craftspeople, and companies. Not only does this give you access to really unique and high quality goods, but it also means that when you're shopping at The Lemon Tree you're supporting small businesses that are producing things "Made in the USA."

One of the things I love most about being a store owner is all the great people I meet and get to know. So whether you're shopping on my website or popping in our South Lyon shop, please feel free to say hi and let me know what you think. I love feedback and am constantly looking for ways to give my customers more of what they love most!